Temporary Disability


This information is provided as a service to students with temporary physical impairments so your enrollment can continue with minimal disruption.  Temporary impairments are not covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) because this law applies to only permanent disabilities.

Students with temporary mobility impairments (e.g., sprained/broken ankle/leg/knee, etc.) may find these suggestions helpful for getting around campus:


1.  Ask your physician to sign an application form for a TEMPORARY Florida Disabled Parking Permit.

  • The application form can be obtained at ww.hsmv.state.fl.us/forms/handiform.html or at Disability/Special Needs Support Services (C-101) or any Okaloosa or Walton County Auto Tag Agency (office where license plates are sold).

  • Take the completed application form and your driver's license to any County Auto Tag Agency, pay the permit fee, and pick up your Temporary Florida disabled parking Permit(red hang tag) which can be used to park in any disabled parking place on or off campus.

  • Disabled parking spaces are located in many of the Northwest Florida State College parking areas and these spaces are usually closer to the buildings.

2.  Rent a wheelchair to improve your mobility if you are going to need crutches for more than a few days.  A wheelchair provides easier mobility than crutches to get around campus.

To rent a wheelchair:

  • Ask your physician for a prescription to rent a wheelchair.  With a prescription, your health insurance may cover the wheelchair.

  • Look in the telephone book yellow pages under "wheelchairs" for medical supply companies that rent wheelchairs.

  • If you need a wheelchair and use crutches, ask the wheelchair rental company to put a crutch holder on the wheelchair so you can take your crutches with you to use when you want to get out of the wheelchair.



Students with a temporary impairment of the dominant hand/wrist/arm who have difficulty writing may find these suggestions helpful:


  1. Class Notes:
  • Borrow notes from a classmate.  Copies can be made at various copiers around campus or via using a smart phone, etc. to take a quick picture of the notes.
  • Use a tape recorder, but always insure the instructor knows you are using this approach. 

  1. Course Tests:
  • If you are not able to write for tests in class, for assistance contact:

    Coordinator, Disability Support Services
    Academic Success Center
    Bldg 410 - Room 119
    Niceville Campus
    Telephone (850) 729-6079
  • Disability Support Services will require documentation of the temporary impairment (letter from the physician or medical documentation showing the nature and the extent of the injury) and completion of an intake appointment with a staff member to receive assistance.

  • If writing will be a problem for a significant period of time, you may want to use Voice Recognition software, available in DSS, that will allow you to dictate written work.



Students may request a withdrawal for medical reasons and/or a refund as listed in the current college catalog. If you need assistance, please call the Coordinator, Disability Support Services at 850-729-6079.

Students receiving financial aid or veteran's benefits should consult a financial aid advisor before withdrawing from a class.