Prospective Students

Welcome to Disability Support Services at Northwest Florida State College.  The requirements for admissions for students with disabilities are no different from any other person applying to NWF State College. The College does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to any of its programs or activities; therefore, the admission process is the same for all students.


Tips to Prepare for the Transition to College

Understand and be able to talk about your disability. You want to be prepared to be a self-advocate (remember, the college will not look for you, you will have to make your needs known). You will want to know and be able to talk about the following:

  • Your diagnosis.
  • Your strengths.
  • The impact of your disability.


Tip: You will want to read your disability documentation and ask questions about it long before heading to college.

Try the various accommodations that are available to you BEFORE you come to NWFSC:

  • Know which accommodations work best for you.
  • Try as many adaptive/assistive technology approaches as possible.  Adaptive/assistive technology is the software and hardware, like text-to-speech or speech recognition, that can help you be independent and successful in college as well as in your career.


Tip: The more familiar you are with your accommodations and the more competent you are with adaptive/assistive technology, the easier it will be for you to focus on your coursework as you begin college classes.

Attend your IEP meetings, especially the Transition IEP Meeting that is designed to develop a plan for your successful transfer to college.


Develop a folder of disability-related information.  Do not count on someone else to have your documentation.  Always keep:

  • Diagnostic reports/letters, such as the Psychological Evaluation from your school or letters/reports from your doctors.
  • A copy of your most recent IEP or 504 plan.
  • Other high school records (transcript, standardized test results).


Contact the Disability Support Services (DSS) office at NWFSC prior to applying to the college:

  • Reach out to DSS while you are still in high school.
  • Find out what type of documentation you will need to submit.
  • Find out about the types of accommodations normally available.
  • Ask about how to become registered with DSS to receive accommodations.


Tip: You are always welcome to contact the DSS office with any questions you may have!
If you have not applied to the college you can learn more about the admissions process through the following link:
Admissions - Degree Seeking