Accommodation Requests:

Fill out and submit the DSS Accommodation Request form at least 3 weeks before classes begin each semester.  At the least, allow 10 days for Accommodation Letters to be issued to your faculty once you submit the Accommodation Request form.

  • For students who need Alternative Texts, Interpreting Services, Mobility Services, etc. that require coordination with outside agencies, you must submit the below request form at least 5 weeks before you need the services. 



  • If you have questions, please contact DSS at 850-729-6079.


Student Test Request:

  • After your accommodations have been established through DSS, you will want to discuss a plan with your faculty members about when and where you will take your tests. You should also determine with your faculty as to whether you want to handle quizzes in the same manner as tests.
  • As soon as you know your exam dates, complete the submission form at the Testing Center website: 

                        Student RegisterBlast

  • You should provide five (5) days notice for all testing accomodation requests.
  • Check your NWF email for feedback from testing.
  • Contact your faculty member and request the exam.
  • Come to the Testing Center in building 400, room 278, at the day and time scheduled. Arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time with ALL materials that your professor allows you to use during the exam. 
  • ALWAYS contact your faculty member and the Testing Center immediately if you cannot come to a scheduled exam. Only your faculty member can give permission to take the test later if you miss your appointment.
  • If you have questions, please contact Testing Center at 850-729-6016.


Faculty Test Submission:

When a student or Testing Center staff contact you regarding planning an exam in the Testing Center, you have choices as to how you may provide the exam and testing information (such as time allotted, materials allowed, and return of the exam to you). The choices include:

  • Upload your exam and information to RegisterBlast using the Test Center link that follows: 

                        Faculty RegisterBlast

  • Walk your exam and information to the Testing Center in building 400, room 278
  •  If you have questions, please contact Testing Center at 850-729-6016.