Northwest Florida State College Improves Lives. Train for today's high wage/high demand jobs in Northwest Florida State College's one & two-year career programs.

National studies show that eight out of every ten jobs now require training beyond high school, but not necessarily a four-year degree. Northwest Florida State College offers a full range of career certificate and degree programs designed to help you reach your career goals. For those interested in career training, the Northwest Florida State College Associate of Science degrees, College Credit and Vocational Certificates prepare students for direct entry into today's top demand career fields. Graduates from these programs will have the technical skills as well as the communication, problem solving, and real-world skills to compete successfully in the job market and to advance in the workforce.

Below is a list of the Career Programs offered at Northwest Florida State College, organized by Bachelor's Degrees, Associate of Science Degrees, Associate of Applied Science, and Certificates.

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor of Applied Science: Management & Supervision
SupervisionProject Management
Public Service Management
Health Care Management
Human Resources Management

Bachelor of Applied Science: Project Management       

Project Management
Public Service Management
Quality Improvement
Training & Development/Human Resources


Bachelor of Science: Nursing                                   


Bachelor of Science: Education

Elementary Education
Middle Grades Mathematics Education
Middle Grades Science Education

Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree & Certificate Programs

The Associate of Science (A.S.) Degree is designed to prepare students for employment in a technical or semi-professional capacity. The A.S. Degree is a two-year program containing a general education component of at least 18 general education courses in five subject area categories and at least 42 college credits in a specific technical or professional skill area. Although the program is generally intended for transfer, many students elect to pursue upper division studies after completing the AS Degree. To that end, the general education requirements for the A.S. Degree are restricted to transferable credits which also satisfy Gordon Rule standards and minimum grade requirements for the Florida State University System.

A.S. Degrees Offered at Northwest Florida State College

Northwest Florida State College offers 27 separate A.S. programs, several of which contain specialization options, 42 college credit or vocational credit certificate programs, and two Applied Technology Diploma programs.


Accounting Technology - A.S. Degree
Accounting Technology Management - Certificate
Business Administration - A.S. Degree
Business Management - Certificate
Business meetingBusiness Specialist (Marketing) - Certificate
Customer Relationship Management - A.S. Degree
Customer Service Technology - Certificate
Office Administration - A.S. Degree
Medical Office Management - Certificate
Office Management - Certificate
Office Specialist - Certificate
Industrial Management Technology - A.S. Degree (CCAF to A.S. Degree)
Paralegal - A.S. Degree

Computer Science/Information Technology (IT)

Computer Engineering Technology - A.S. Degree
Microcomputer Repair/Installer - Certificate
Computer Information Technology
Computer Programming & Analysis - A.S. Degree
Computer Programmer - Certificate
Computer Programming Specialist - Certificate
Database Technology - A.S. Degree
Internet Services Technology - A.S. Degree
Information Technology Administration - Certificate                 
Web Development Specialist - Certificate
IT Security - A.S. Degree
Networking Systems Technology - A.S. Degree
Advanced Network Infrastructure
Digital Forensics
IP Communications
Network Enterprise Administration
Network Infrastructure
Network Security
Network Server Administration
Network Support Technician
UNIX/Linux System Administrator - Certificate

Criminal Justice/Public Safety

Criminal Justice Technology - A.S. DegreePublic safety occupations
Auxiliary Law Enforcement Officer - Certificate
Corrections Academy (Basic Recruit Academy) - Certificate
Law Enforcement (Basic Recruit Academy) - Certificate             
Emergency Administration & Management - A.S. Degree       
Emergency Administrator & Manager - Certificate
Homeland Security - Emergency Manager - Certificate
Firefighter - Certificate
Emergency Medical Services - A.S. Degree
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Certificate
Paramedic - Certificate
Paralegal - A.S. Degree



Drafting & Advanced Technology/Engineering/Architecture

Architectural Design and Construction Technology - A.S. Degree
Drafting and Design Technology - A.S. Degree
AutoCAD Foundations - Certificate
Drafting Design - Certificate
Engineering Technology - A.S. Degree
Advanced Technology Specialization Option
Digital Design & Modeling Specialization (DDM) Option
Digital Manufacturing Specialization Option
Mechanical Design & Fabrication Specialization
Digital Design & Modeling Specialization (DDM)
CNC Machinist - Certificate
Computer-Aided Design & Drafting - Certificate
Digital Manufacturing Specialist
Engineering Technology Support Specialist - Certificate
Rapid Prototyping Specialist
Welding - Applied Technologies - Certificate

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education - A.S. Degreeyoung children
Child Development Early Intervention - Certificate                   
Child Care Center Management - Certificate
Infant Toddler Specialization - Certificate
Preschool Specialization - Certificate

Graphic Design/Multi-Media Design

Digital Media/Multimedia Technology - A.S. Degree
Digital Media/Multimedia Authoring - Certificate
Digital Media/Multimedia Presentation - Certificate                 
Graphics Technology - A.S. Degree
Graphic Design Option
Visual Arts Option
Graphic Design Production- Certificate
Graphic Design Support - Certificate


Health Services Management - A.S. Degree
Dental Assisting - Certificate
Medical Coder/Billing - Certificate
Nursing (RN) - A.S. Degree
Radiography - A.S. Degree
EMT - Certificate (see Public Safety)
Paramedic - Certificate (see Public Safety)


Theater/Recording Arts7 Dancers at Night

Music Production Technology - A.S. Degree
Audio Technology (Recording Arts) - Certificate
Stage Technology - Certificate
Theater & Entertainment Technology - A.S. Degree
Acting Specialization
Costuming Specialization
Dance Specialization
Musical Theater Specialization
Technical Theater Specialization



Other A.S. Programs

Recreation Technology - A.S. Degree
Welding - Applied Technologies - Certificate (New Program)