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Welcome to the Veterans Affairs Office at Northwest Florida State College. This office administers various veterans' and dependents' educational assistance benefit programs of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs for students attending this institution. The Veterans Affairs Office (VAO) is part of the Northwest Florida State College Office of Financial Aid, not the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

Our goal is to provide information and guidance about entitlements, filing claims to the DVA, certifying enrollments, and other supportive services for veteran students and eligible dependents enrolled at Northwest Florida State College. We at the Veterans Affairs Office are here to serve you. Take full advantage of our expertise, and gain the most you can from this once-in-a-lifetime educational opportunity.

New students are highly encouraged to make their initial inquiries for VA applications at the Veterans Affairs Office at the Niceville Main Campus.

VA Application Procedures & Student Briefing

VA Enrollment Certification Request

Student Veteran Handbook 2014

GI Bill Education and Training

W.A.V.E. - Web Automated Verification of Enrollment

Instructions to Change Program of Study

Military Affiliated Scholarships