A student can receive a full 100% refund up to and during the schedule adjustment period for the term. Refund checks will only be issued for $1.00 or more. Refunds less than $1.00 will be paid in cash at the Business Office on the Niceville Campus.

Full refunds after the schedule adjustment period may be requested by completing a Refund Request Form.  Only the refund requests citing the following reasons will be approved: Serious illness, military orders, death of the student or student's immediate family, circumstances beyond the student's control, or administrative college error. Refunds are NOT authorized for changes in work schedules or for enrollment status changes due to illegal activities. Refund requests must be submitted before the midterm and may only apply to the current semester. Completed refund request forms should be E-Mailed or submitted to the Dean of Students.

The refund request process may take up to 10 business days.  Students will be notified of the disposition by E-Mail to their NWFSC E-Mail account.