Advising FAQs

  Why should I see an academic advisor?
Your academic advisor is key in reaching your academic goals. Your advisor will be able to:
  • assist in matching your strengths and interests with NWFSC opportunities
  • assist in developing a plan for your future
  • help to understand and complete degree requirements
  • connect with resources that will aid in academic success
  • inform student of college processes and procedures to help alleviate administrative problems
  Who is my advisor?
Although students are not officially assigned to academic advisors, you may contact the advisor closely related to your desired field of study.
  How do I choose a major?
There are a few steps to aid in determining a major.
  • Discover your interests
  • Gather information and explore options
  • Evaluate information and make a decision
  • Take action
  • Declare or change major with your academic advisor
  • If additional assistance is necessary, visit the Career Center
  This is my first semester at NWFSC. What should I do?
Set up an appointment with an academic advisor. During this appointment you will:
  • determine your major
  • declareyour transfer institution
  • create an academic map, called your program of study
  • set up a placement exam if applicable
  • choose your courses for your first semester in which you will register for these courses on your Raider Net account
  I need a tutor. What do I do?
Learning Support Services are available at multiple NWFSC locations. For additional information, please follow the provided link.
  What does my academic advisor expect of me?
There are many things your advisor will expect from you. Students should also have healthy expectations of their advisor. Review the information here for what to expect from your academic advisor.
  What is a Program of Study?
Your program of study lists the courses you will need to complete the program you are pursuing at NWFSC. You are able to access this document on your Raider Net account. Each course registered for should be noted to ensure you are not repeating unnecessary courses.
  How long does it take to complete my transfer course evaluation?
Transfer credits are evaluated on a first come, first served basis. Upon NWFSC admission, you should contact all previous institutions to have your official transcripts sent. A student should refrain from completing courses that are remotely similar to the degree requirements until an official transcript evaluation has been completed.
  When can I register for courses?
The college has designated periods of course registration. You can find this information by viewing the Academic Calendar.
  Can I take a course at another institution while enrolled at NWFSC?
Yes. In order to become a transient student, you will need to visit the Florida Virtual website. If you will be completing coursework outside the state of Florida, you must submit a Transient Authorization form. Your form will then be routed to the appropriate staff members for approval.
  How do I change my classes after the semester begins?
Students will have one week to change classes once the semester begins. This time frame is called add/drop week. You may visit your Raider Net account to make changes.
  I have a hold on my registration, what do I do?
Students should contact an Academic Advisor to receive assistance with holds on their account.