Degrees & Certificates

Associate of Arts Degree Programs

The Associate of Arts degree is offered for students who plan to transfer to a four year institution for the final two years of a bachelor's degree. The AA degree provides full credit for transfer to other institutions. Sixty hours (60) are required for graduation. The General Education program for the Associate of Arts degree has a minimum of 36 semester hours of academic credit in communications, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, sciences and health fitness. In addition to the required 36 semester hours of General Education, each student completes an additional 24 semester hours in a specialization selected from the listing of State University Programs. Students should consult their faculty advisor to select the appropriate courses in the specialized field that will fulfill the 60 hour requirement for graduation.

Emergency Administration and Management

Associate of Science Degree Programs

The Associate of Science degree provides a college credit curricula not specifically designed for transfer, but designed to prepare students to enter the work force, train for a career, or prepare for semiprofessional, technical, or managerial employment. Certain four year institutions do accept Associate of Science degree students with full transfer credit.

In this department, the following AS degree(s) is/are offered:

  • Criminal Justice Technology
    • Criminal Justice Option
    • Law Enforcement/Corrections Academy Option
  • Emergency Administration and Management
    • Fire Science Option
    • Homeland Justice Option
    • Criminal Justice Option
    • Emergency Administration Option

College Credit Certificates

Northwest Florida State College offers a number of short term certificate programs designed to prepare students for immediate job entry in selected professional, technical, and occupational skills areas. Vocational credit certificates are distinct from college credits and most contain an internship option through which students may gain on-the-job experience as they study.