Graphic Design and Digital Media Programs

The Graphic Design and Digital Media Programs at Northwest Florida State College include two A.S. Degrees, and four College Credit Certificates:

A.S. in Graphic Design Technology

Graphic Design is a field that falls within what we broadly define as the "creative visual arts." It is in the same family with drawing, painting, and photography. If you were interested in art when you were going to school before college, then a degree in Graphic Design is well worth considering. Graphic Design is primarily a commercial form of art where visual communication of complex information is achieved through the development of a creative synergy between type, the written form of communication, and image, a visual form of communication.

Graphic Designers must be sensitive to and interested in the world around them. You must be interested in learning about what a client wants communicated, and driven to provide that communication in a clear, organized, and beautiful manner. Choosing a career in Graphic Design is a lifelong commitment to learning and discovery.  The Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Design Technology is a degree for students interested in learning design for print. What this means is that the coursework is focused on graphic design that will be used in any printed media. This can include newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and books.

Graphic Design is often thought of as an advertising field. This is true in part, but graphic designers don't just produce advertising. For example, an entire magazine must be designed, not just the advertisements. A magazine is a combination of hundreds of smaller pieces of art. These include the stories, photographs, illustrations, and info-graphics. Each of these elements must be designed, and then the entire collection of elements must be put into a readable and organized graphic system that is exciting and interesting to a reader. 

If you are interested in being the architect of printed visual communication, Northwest Florida State College's A.S. in Graphic Arts Technology is a great choice as you pursue your higher education adventure. Don't hesitate to contact the department for further information and guidance about choosing this exciting and competitive career to study!

A.S. in Digital Media/Multimedia Technology

Digital Media/Multimedia are terms used to describe a field that incorporates Graphic Design tools and techniques, and delivers communicative products in essentially an electronic form. Digital Media/Multimedia productions include: websites, digital video, and all forms of interactive media. The Digital Media/Multimedia Technology A.S. Degree prepares students to work in industries producing elements in the architecture and design of websites and other electronic media delivery systems. Large website development requires a creative team of content creators, information architects, graphic designers, videographers and editors, photographers, programmers, and information technology experts. In this program, our students have coursework that prepares them to be a part of the creative team that creates the look and feel of websites, and the content presented.

If you choose the A.S. in Digital Media/Multimedia Technology, your coursework will expose you to all of the foundational creative and software competencies involved in Graphic Design, along with the special applications involved in web development and digital video. We teach the industry standard Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software running on industry standard Apple Macintosh Pro workstations with large high resolution monitors.

Photography is a core component of both degree programs. Students may take as many as nine photography, or photography related courses as a part of their degree program. There are many courses in Digital Photography and Commercial Photography available. In these classes students learn in detail how to create very high resolution professional quality photography in a variety of areas: architectural, portraiture, product photography, food photography, location photography, photographic storytelling, and documentary exploration to name just a few. 

The links below will take you to the college catalog where you will find the course requirements and course descriptions related to each program:

Associate of Science - Graphics Technology

College Credit Certificate - Graphic Design Support

College Credit Certificate - Graphic Design Production

Associate of Science - Digital Media/Multimedia Technology

College Credit Certificate - Digital Media Authoring

College Credit Certificate - Digital Media Presentation